How it works

1 Contact Us

Contact our sales team and receive credentials to sign up for your personal account

2 Select

Select from our amazing list of auction items and travel packages and select the offerings that will best suit your event. Next, add these packages to your wishlist.

3 Confirm

Confirm the items on your wishlist and accept our terms and conditions. You can then download the corresponding material for each item you have reserved, which will be used to showcase and market the items (brochure, high resolution photos, winner certificate.

4 Sell

Offer the items completely risk-free at your next fundraising event: live auction, silent auction, or even raffle. You can even maximize your fundraising efforts by selling each package multiple times. You will only pay for the packages that you actually sell!

5 Redeem

After the event let us know what items you sold, how many of each and to whom, and we will take care of the redeeming and booking process with the winner.